Carmen La

I work at UHN Digital developing software to improve patient care across UHN hospitals.

My skills lie in full stack development using Clojure and ClojureScript and I prefer lightweight processes with REPL driven development for quick feedback cycles.

In my free time, I try to contribute to open source software. I also like weightlifting and playing Overwatch.


  • Cryogen

    Customizable static site generator written in Clojure. Site →
  • Memory Hole

    A support issue tracker for development teams that provides a way to organize and search through common support issues and their resolutions. GitHub →
  • Closure

    A web application that allows clinicians to track the status of their patients' tests and external appointments.
  • cljs-life

    A little experiment with Quil. Recreated Conway's Game of Life. GitHub →


  • University Health Network

    Sep 2016 - TBD / Software Developer
  • Circle CI

    May - Aug 2016 / Software Developer
  • RL Solutions

    May - Aug 2015 / Mobile Developer
  • University Health Network

    Sep - Dec 2014 / Software Developer



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